Well, it’s certainly been a while! Since finishing tracking for the EP, we’ve focused on booking our first shows, and the first two of those will be this weekend! If you’re under 21 and are a member of the Berklee community, you should come to our Caf Show this Saturday at 10pm in the new 160 Mass Ave cafeteria! If you’re over 21, email us for tickets to our show at Hennessey’s Hooley House at 25 Union Street the following evening at 7pm, it’ll be a lot of fun!

The EP is still coming along, though progress has been slower than we would have liked it to be. Rest assured that it’s still in the works and that progress, no matte how slow, is still being made! We’re working as hard as ever to make sure that you guys get a really high quality final product!


Hey guys, I suppose that it’s officially time for an update, since we have a huge milestone to share with you: we just officially finished tracking our EP! There’s a lot more work to go into the final product, but we are well on our way to (finally) being able to share this with you! In the meantime, stay tuned for more progress updates and inside looks at the process!